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StarryID Indiegogo campaign

20 Oct

StarryID Indiegogo campaign

Invest in talent and get rewards! 

22 Sep

P.S I went to Fashion’s Night Out

9 Sep

where is nancy

It’s that time of year again!
New York Fashion Week is kicked off with Fashion’s Night Out (Thursday September 6th). Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) is a night of shopping events and celebrity appearances in stores all over NYC.
Fossil was hosting an event at their Time Square location with P.S I Made This creator Erica Domesek, she is also a judge on TLC’s Craft Wars. P.S I Made This had DIY stations for making key chains with beads and fabrics, and decorating keys with bright nail polish. There was also a DJ playing some great music and a fun photo booth. I actually got to talk to Erica and take a photo with her. She also gave me an autograph and some advice on finding an internship in the art industry.
If you can’t go to any events at Fashion Week there will definitely be snap shots all over Instagram…

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27 Aug

It’s a yes, Jess!

Formulas for Divorce

24 Aug

Everyone Gets Divorced

Today, we were just sitting here, thinking how lucky we are to be divorced. And how we’re in such good company because Charlize Theron, arguably, the most perfect woman on the planet, is also divorced. She’s beautiful! Flawless! Talented! Smart! But then we realized, that while she is all those things, she is not, TECHNICALLY, divorced. Apparently, she’s so smart, she never actually married her long-time partner. So, we thought, maybe we’re not in SUCH good company.

But surely there are other perfect women who are divorced! But sadly, for us, Natalie Portman is not divorced either. (Yet.)

Fine, we say. They don’t have to be perfect. So we consulted the Maxim Hot 100 list. And you’ll be pleased to know there is no shortage of hot divorced women. We’ve got Olivia Wilde, for one. We then learned that Emmy Rossum is divorced, which came as something of a shock…

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Chippendales Wants Prince Harry

24 Aug

Like that’s ever gonna happen!

Get your glam on!

24 Aug

Yep, save your money on that botox!

Ms. Informed Blog

A few pounds and a few stylists later – see the difference it can make.  Wow.  It’s utterly amazing to see the celebrities who we assume are born beautiful, when in truth, they could be just like us.  It’s what money and fame brings by seeing yourself on screen or in print – a consciousness that can’t be ignored. Unlike my own quick glances in the mirror that don’t allow me to acknowledge more than I have eye makeup in the right places, it’s easy to let myself go into a state of frumpy denial.  Denying that I’m not looking my best or perhaps I look good enough.

Hmm…I hate that term “good enough”.  What does it really mean?  Good enough that my husband doesn’t leave me? Good enough that my kids aren’t embarrassed to introduce me to their friends? Good enough in case there is a cute produce guy…

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